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Cataract Extraction

Cataract removal is surgery to remove a clouded lens (cataract) from the eye. Cataracts are removed to help you see better. The procedure almost always includes placing an artificial lens (IOL) in the eye.
Cataract surgery is an outpatient procedure. This means you likely do not have to stay overnight at a...
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Conjunctival Lesion Excision

Conjunctival lesions are frequently seen in the eye clinic, because the conjunctiva is readily seen and patients notice any change in their ocular appearance.  The conjunctiva is a translucent mucous membrane that covers the anterior part of the globe and has three portions:
  • the bulbar conjunctiva that covers the sclera and includes the corneo-conjunctival limbus
  • ...
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Pterygium Excision

WHAT IS A PTERYGIUM? A pterygium is a benign growth of conjunctiva (the membranous covering of the eye). It is thought to be due to UV light, wind, and dust exposure. It is most common in people who have grown up in locations near the equator. WHAT ARE THE SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF A PTERYGIUM? The most common...
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