Providing the best care for your vision! Dr Walker is extremely professional, competent, & warm. He will do his utmost to give you the best care for your eyes.
Located on Mayfair Ave In Central Abbotsford We're just around the corner from the Hospital, pharmacies, and Mill Lake.
Accepting Referrals Just ask your doctor! Doctor Walker is an Ophthalmological specialist and requires a referral from your family physician or a walk-in clinic.

Protocols for patients:

Please understand that while we do our best to keep the safety of everyone we do still need the help of our patients by following these protocols.

–         Prior to your appointment you will be asked screening questions.

–         You will be asked to use hand sanitizer.

–         If you have one, please wear a mask while in the office.

–         Please come alone to your appointment unless you require assistance and/or a translator (DO NOT BRING CHILDREN TO YOUR APPOINTMENT).

–         There will not be any magazines in the waiting room as they cannot be disinfected.

–         To keep with social distancing we ask you wait in your car when possible until your scheduled appointment time.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate through these changes. We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Stay safe!