Eyelash Ablation

By definition, Trichiasis is an acquired eyelid abnormality in which there is a misdirected growth of eyelashes with normal lid margin position. The errant lashes can cause irritation of the ocular surface and potentially vision threatening ulceration and scarring. Trichiasis is often confused with distichiasis and more commonly with pseudotrichiasis in which abnormal lid positions cause the cilia to be in contact with the globe. Depending on the distribution, trichiasis can be focal, segmental or diffuse. The causes of trichiasis are numerous and the management strategies are dictated by the number of errant lashes, their distribution and the underlying pathology.

How can we treat Trichiasis?

Radiofrequency ablation of lashes and follicles is a simple yet effective method which can be performed under local anaesthesia. A small gauge wire is introduced alongside the lash down to the follicle. The radiofrequency signal is delivered for about 1 second with the lowest power setting on cut/coag mode to destroy the hair follicle. Application of 0.02% mitomycin C in conjunction with radiofrequency ablation may help to improve the success rate of radiofrequency ablation treatment.

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